corners in a plot as per Vastu?

corners in a plot as per Vastu?

We are seeing many things that give Vastu success in monetary event. That way a plot should not break corners. Even if the corners are broken it will affect the monetary events. In that way, the south-west corner where south and west meet should not be damaged. Do not wear. It should be 90 degrees to the source level in degrees. Similarly, the north-west corner should not be. Should not be deformed or dull. The south-east corner should also not be damaged. It should not be dull. These corners should always be at 90 degrees. Next is the north-east corner, whether this corner is broken or not, there is no problem. The North-East breast should not bloom for any reason. The angle should be 90 degrees if it is not to be spread. A work is not wrong even if it is 80 or 70 degrees. But it should not be heated to 110 degrees. This matter is very important. Next, even if it is said that the corners should not be broken, the southwest corner should not be blunt. If it gets damaged, the wealth level at that place will not be 100 percent. There is no fault even if the other corners i.e. North West South East are distorted. But the south-west corner should not narrow or widen from the root level. At the same time, the north-east corner may become narrow. But should not bloom. Just keep this in mind. It can be said that it will give success in money related events than Vastu wise.

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