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Chennai vastu manayadi saasthiram

Below I have given good floor plan sizes for reception room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, washroom, sitting out, veranda, etc.  Adjust the internal dimensions of the house accordingly.  The outside measurements of the house are the calculation of the perimeter of the pit.  Do not associate it with land.  Are most of our people underground?  Is it outside?  They confuse that.  Don’t do it for any reason.  At the same time basement sizes and pit counter sizes are a matter of faith.  This has nothing to do with Vastu Shastra.

6, 8, 10, 11, 16, 17, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 39, 41, 42, 45, 52, 56,  60, 63, 64, 66, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 77, 79, 80, 84, 85, 87, 88, 89, 91, 92, 95, 97, 99, 100, 101,  102, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 115, 116, 117, 119.

These degrees are the degrees that give beneficence and good yoga
Any other dose not specified in this may produce adverse effects.

Now let’s see in detail the benefits of sizing methods for rooms, halls, offices.

6 feet: May the Lord get the blessings of the clan. Gold, substance, yogic state.

7 feet: Poverty will go beyond. The disease comes.

8 ft: Wealth will increase .. Divine advantage. The pleasure will come. Get high quality. The government will have the opportunity to empower.

9 ft: Failures continue. Is the pedestal. Suffering will come.

10 feet: Luxury life with food. There is an unexpected product.

11 feet: Success in life. Get a happy and happy life

12 feet: Durmanas. No thing will succeed. Despite the eligibility, the job will be knocked out. Time to see the limits of poverty. There will be loss of tragedy.

13 ft: Failure and manner of misfortune will come and attack. Disease and. There will be loss of revenue.

14 feet: Anxiety will continue. The alien will be disturbed. .

15 feet of enemies will be disturbed and saddened. The relationship will be reduced. The material is multiplying. Fame will accumulate wealth.

17 feet:

Victory upon victory.  Competing people are hard workers, and the work that is done automatically leads to victory.  Business will be successful.

18 feet:

Gold and property will be at risk from thieves and others.  Life will be out of control.

19 feet:

Income will continue.  People get worried.  Anxiety and sadness settle down.

20 feet:

Uninterrupted business profits.  Income will increase and you will get a happy life.

21 feet:

  Wherever you go, you will be successful.  Touched is gold.  Be full of joy.

22 feet:

A life where no one complains will be feared by enemies.  Self-efficacy will emerge.  They will not bow down to anyone.  They will hold everyone down.  The enemy will also fear.

23 feet:
  Higher life is not available.  Suffering will continue

24 feet:

Storage will be empty.  worrisome.  Disease-causing.  Anything can stop halfway.

25 feet:

Homelessness is not good.  Suffering from spouse.

26 feet:
They will come looking for Mahalakshmi.  Material will prosper.

27 feet:

  Get promotion.  You will get help and contact from good people.

28 feet:

Anyone can celebrate friendship.  Get divine grace.

29 feet:

Livestock and agriculture will flourish.  Milk will be blessed.

30 feet:

Procreation will increase.  Native property will be available.  Yoga is permanent.

31 feet:

  Good people are friends.  A higher level can be achieved.  There will be great fame.

32 feet:

Fame in government and public welfare service.  What has been lost so far will be sought.

33 feet:

  Revenue will increase.  Wealth and influence will increase.

34 feet:

.  You will have to run away from the city.  The name and wealth accumulated by the ancestors will be empty.

35 feet:

There will be wealth and prosperity.  There will be professional excellence.  Performance will be appreciated by everyone.

36 feet:

Get higher rank.  You will get heroic victory.

37 feet:

Any action will be successful.  Animal husbandry.  Farm industry will prosper.

38 feet:

Poverty will prevail.  Nothing can be done.  In anything, there will be a delay and a drag.

39 feet:

  to the material level.  Get respect in public.  Good sons will be born. Hard work wins big.

40 feet:

  Things taken will not be fulfilled.  All work will continue halfway through.

41 feet:

The material is abundant.  Giving and receiving will go well.

42 feet:

   Everything in life will be available.

43 feet:

Disappointment in anything.  One foot up, many feet down.

44 feet:

The disease will affect the eyes.  Nostalgia is overwhelming.  Suffering and grief will compete.

45 feet:

A lot of material is available.  Fame will increase.  Benefits will be available. There will be many children.

46 feet:

  Poverty creeps in.  No great thing can be done.  A life of despair will follow.

47 feet:

  The budget will stop.  There will be debt burden

48 feet:

Enemies cause suffering.  will cause an accident.  Poverty is high.

49 feet:

Stealing happens.  Shall face insults.  Get government punishment.

50 feet:
There will be enmity between relatives and friends.

51 feet:

    There will be a fight at the grassroots in the fuss case.  Bleeding will occur.

52 feet:

Size suitable for farmers.  Agricultural income will increase.

53 feet:

Men in the house are in contact with other women.

54 feet:

Govt Punishment Court Punishment available.

55 feet:

Relatives and friends will give enmity.

56 feet:

Multi-generational people will live better if wealth is passed on to them.

57 feet:

Prevents child birth.

58 feet:

Suffering will continue.

59 feet:

This generation will destroy what the previous generation worked hard to accumulate.

60 feet:

Liquids will be added for business.

61 feet:

  There will be no peace of mind.  Dependent on others.

62 feet:

Poverty and sorrow dwell.

63 feet:

Gold and material will be admirable life.  Saints will be blessed.

64 feet:

There will be government aid and government support.  Get a prize.  Titles and positions will be sought.

65 feet:

  Spouse will have no compassion and affection.  There will be a situation where the wife will be separated by causing problems.

66 feet:

There will be peace of mind and happy atmosphere.  Gold, material wealth, fame increases.

67 feet:

Troubled by thieves.  Evil forces settle.  Demons and devils will jump.

68 feet:

Unexpected arrival of goods.  Saints contact, spiritualists support

69 feet:

Fame will be damaged and fire will cause damage.  Suffering from fire

70 feet:

Wherever you go in your hometown, you will be honored and respected.  Wealth will come freely.

71 feet:

  Good people get support.  You can get everyone’s appreciation.

72 feet:

All wealth will come.  Get luxurious life.

73 feet:

  Spending on those around you will make you poor.  Fame is material waste.

74 feet:

  Get the position.  Many will appreciate it.  The combination of gold and material will happen.

75 feet:

  Storage will be empty.  The feeling will change.  Love comes out of the mind.

76 feet;

  Evil results from friends.  No one can help.  Deadly people are intimidating.

77 feet:

Big problems and sufferings can be overcome.  Necessary materials are available.

78 feet:

The future is void.  There will be insults.

79 feet:

  Dairy industry is beneficial.  Farm business will be good.

80 feet:

You will have a comfortable life.  A romantic relationship is beneficial.  Get luxury life.

81 feet:

An accident will happen.  Wealth will decrease.

82 feet:

  Accident by fire.

83 feet:

The house will be ruined.  Only poverty settles.  Tribulations will surround you.

84 feet:

  Unexpected help and benefit will come.  As the income increases, the position increases.

85 feet:

  Government-ruling party relationship is also beneficial.  One’s own career will bring glory.

86 feet:

Others may speak disparagingly.  Troubles, sorrows, troubles abound.

87 feet:

Journeys bring pride.  Unexpected hikes will occur.

88 feet:

  God’s grace brings peace of mind and happiness.

89 feet:

Good opportunities can lay the foundation stone for the progress that is coming.

90 feet:

Love and support will always be available


91 feet:

There will be benefits in education.  Love and support of good people.  God bless you,

92 feet:

Govt certificate will be available.  Advantage by the government and ruling party

93 feet:

There will be disturbance and punishment by the ruling people.  Obey government orders.

94 feet:

  Wealth will disappear.  Peace will be disturbed.

95 feet:

Material will develop.  Fame will come.  Great people and rich people are good for communication

96 feet:

Savings will be spent.  Jewelry, gold is damaged.  Evil is caused by thieves.

97 feet:

Sea trade will flourish and wealth will flourish.

98 feet:

Good relationship with everyone.  The benefits are obvious.

99 feet:

  Wealthy people get friendship, communication, help.  Benefit from government ruling party.

100 feet:

Gold, wealth will flourish.  All interests will result

101 feet:

  Get fame.  There will be mental happiness and exhilaration.

102 feet:

Many benefits will come.  Other times there will be attractive charm.

103 feet:

There will be bad relations and there will be many sufferings.  There will be fear of thieves.  Honesty will not exist.

104 feet:

Income loss supplement available.  Profitable.  Expenses incurred by relatives.

105 feet:

A life without virtue.  Suffering from wife.  Quarrels in the family.

106 feet:

Money power will increase.  Knowledge grows.  Beloved will become friends.

107 feet:

What is earned will be lost.  There will be contact between people of mild temperament.  Poverty will rise.

108 feet:

A spiritual religious leader will have love and connection.  There will be peace of mind.  You will get unexpected benefits.

109 feet:

There will be joy and peace.

110 feet:

Enthusiasm will be born in the physical land.  The object will come in search

111 feet:

  Auspicious events happen more often.

112 feet:

  Obstacles will be removed.  A combination of gold and silver would be great.

113 feet:

Credits will be abundant.  Yoga will be complete.

114 feet:

There will be business trips.  Living in big cities will happen.  He will be a world-travelling youth. There will be shipping business.

115 feet:

Gives a rich life.  There will be a happy family life.  A peaceful atmosphere prevails.

116 feet;

You will get great wealth and perfect life.  There is no suffering in life.

117 feet:

Business will be good.  Farm business is special.  Cow’s milk will be blessed.

118 feet:

A place where evil happens.  Wealth and property will perish.  Affects mental state.

119 feet:

There will be fame.  Fame will come.

120 feet

It is a good size.  Any amount above this will have benefits.