Top 5 Best Vastu Consultants in Chennai

Chennai is home to Tamil Nadu’s top Vastu specialists. Vastu refers to the correct positioning of a house in relation to the East, West, North, and South directions. The sun is used as the primary pointer for determining a location’s directions. Vastu Shastra is an ancient discipline that has its roots in India. Vastu shastra was extensively developed and spread outside the Indian subcontinent, going by names like Feng shui and i-Chings.

The five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space make up the human body, according to Vastu Shastra science. These components ought to align with the house’s five compass points. The North Pole of the Earth is said by the ancient sages to have magnetic energy, which is why it possesses.The top Vastu expert in Chennai is Chennai Vastu Jaganathan. They are a collection of individuals with experience in 3D home plans, interior design plans, and house vaastu plans. They adhere to the classic systems of Vastu Shastra such as Viswakarma Vastu, Stapathi Siddhantam, Meru Vastu, and Maya Vastu. They serve as temple advisors as well, and prominent Stapathis were their ancestors. In addition to classic Vastu, they also recommend interior Vastu, lucky colours, and favourable colours based on the owner’s astrological.

Nowadays, obtaining online Vastu consulting is a simple technique to complete the task swiftly. One of these companies is Mayan Vastu Consultants. They provide full services for customers of all sizes. Online Vastu consulting is popular with both businesses and private persons.

You may think of the Vastu Shastra as ancient architecture. Without Vastu, no temple can be constructed. Ancient Hindus adhered rigorously to Vastu principles. Vastu rules that are not followed result in ill luck for the owner. Vaastu is only a collection of traditional, commonsense architectural guidelines mixed with a lot of religious lore. For certain places, common sense principles could be appropriate, but that is all. The topic of architecture and civil engineering now only