Vastushastram for Residential

Vastushastram for Residential

Select the plots that face east or north. Although it is best to stay away from those facing west or south, this is not a must.
Plots should be either square or rectangle-shaped. Avoid plots with odd shapes.
Instead of the North-East corner, the building should be concentrated more in the South-West corner.

Up until the site’s boundary in either direction, there shall be no closed building constructions.

In comparison to the South-West, which should be taller and heavier, the North-East should be lighter.

The building’s corners shouldn’t have any expansions or cuts.

The earth must be stumpy/low in the northeast and balanced/high in all other directions for the building to be structurally sound. (Please remember that the North-West connects to the psyche/mind and the North-East corresponds to intelligence/brain.)

The main entrance is located in the North and faces East.
The main entrance is near to the east and faces north.
The main entrance is located near to the east and faces south.

Vastushastram for Residential

The main entrance is near to the North and faces West.

Only the West and South walls should be used for loft construction.

Toilets work better in the northwest.

According to Vastu, the room’s length and width have no bearing.

North or south should be the facing direction of the toilet seat.

There are no high ceilings anywhere in the house.

Septic tanks should be built at the house’s north-western corner.

On the northeastern side of the house, a sump should be built.