money and jewelery vastu

money and jewelery vastu

If it is said to give success in monetary events, money and jewelery should be kept in their proper place.  Is it an architectural matter?  Is it a building thing?  Even if you say no, it’s a money-attracting event.  So when it is seen as an item that is placed in the house, I would say that it is good to see it and see it in connection with Vastu.  That way money and jewelery should be kept in a wooden box in the bureau only.  It should not be placed in other common places where intended.  Such a gold is always a dark matter.  The thing in the cave.  It is something that is taken from the ground by the ground.  Even if it is always kept at home, it should be kept in a hidden place, in a hidden place.  Do not keep in visible places at all times.  When placed in such visible places, it is certain that it does not give a yoga to a place, which does a yoga, gets money, buys more jewelry.  This should also be noted.  In each house it gives monetary success in ritualistic events rather than Vastu.  It can be said that it will give.

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